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Experience Indonesia stress-free, whether you’re living, working, investing, or simply enjoying a holiday. At The Permit House, we specialize in handling all your bureaucratic needs—from permits to licenses and official documents—ensuring you a seamless and hassle-free stay. As dedicated consultants, we aim to provide clear, effective solutions for expatriates and foreigners navigating the complexities of local formalities.

Trust us to be your partner in making your Indonesian experience as enjoyable and uncomplicated as possible.

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  • Company establishment

Establishment of companies and Investing

A foreign individual or company has the option to establish various types of legal entities in Indonesia, such as a limited liability company (LLC), a Representative Office (RO), a simple firm, a sole proprietorship, or a foundation. However, determining the appropriate entity and ensuring that all the necessary requirements for its establishment are met can be a challenging task. Additionally, questions may arise regarding the eligibility of intended shareholders, directors, commissioners, board members, or owners, as well as the capital needed. The Permit House is here to provide you with reliable advice to ensure your compliance with Indonesian law.

  • Buying, Renting, and Building

Real Estate and Investing

Real estate in Indonesia offers diverse opportunities for investors and individuals alike. An overview of various aspects related to real estate, including buying, renting, and building properties. Additionally, highlights of the legal entity options for foreign investors, specifically PT PMA, and the permits required for construction.

  • Navigating Indonesia’s Visa and Permit System

Working and living in Indonesia

Welcome to the visa and stay permit pages of our website! Here, you will find comprehensive information about the different types of visas available for tourism, single-entry, multiple-entry and the temporary stay visas as frontrunners for the much-wanted ITAS or stay permit in Indonesia.

  • A Guide to STM, KTP, SKTT, SIM, SKCK, & NIK

Civil Matters

Indonesia, a diverse archipelago in Southeast Asia, has a well-established system of civil documents that play a crucial role in the lives of its citizens. These documents serve as proof of identity, residency, and legal status, enabling individuals to access various rights and services. Here an overview of six essential civil documents in Indonesia: STM, KTP, SKTT, SIM, SKCK, and NIK, shedding light on their significance and functions.

  • General Consultancy

Navigating formality matters in Indonesia

Indonesia, a dynamic and diverse nation, presents unique legal challenges for individuals and businesses operating within its jurisdiction. In this essay, we will explore four significant legal issues in Indonesia: work-stay permits, land documents, lease agreements, and nominee ownership. Understanding these issues is crucial for individuals and businesses seeking to comply with Indonesian laws and regulations.

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The Permit House dates back to 2011 and is the result of a well-oiled collaboration between our employees and partners with the central and local government (Justice, Manpower, Immigration, Industry and Trade)

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Our Indonesian house notary, lawyer and expat stand for the legal expertise and affinity with the typical Indonesian flexible business culture.

For many years The Permit House organized several work permits, birth certificate as well for myself ,family and company. Good service, quick response and walking the extra mile. Will definitely recommend The Permit House for those services!

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Our core business is consulting. In a (e-) meeting we discuss your plans and needs and which steps or activities in the process you can do yourself. This to gain insight into the processes yourself or simply to save the costs of an agent / consultant.

“The team at The Permit House is fabulous. They helped us secure our visas and documents in a flash. We have been able to built our thriving resort in Nias due to their progressive approach.”

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