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Globy covers the following topics, among others:

  1. Residence permits and visas.
    1. Free visas and the visas on arrival.
    2. Visitor visas
    3. Temporary residence visas
    4. Temporary residence permit
    5. Permanent residence permit
  2. Work permits.
    1. Who does need one and who doesn’t?
    2. Ministry of Labor
    3. Employers plan for foreign employees (RPTKA)
    4. DPKK
    5. Actual Application and handling process
  3. Establishing companies
    1. Private company
      1. With foreigners as shareholders (PT PMA)
      2. With only Indonesians as shareholders (PT PMDN)
    2. Representative office (KPPA)
    3. Foundation
  4. Buying land and real estate
    1. Full ownership or a derived right as a foreigner
    2. Your own villa in Bali or your own apartment in Jakarta
    3. Due diligence investigations
    4. Spatial Planning
    5. Residence options and real estate
  5. Civil matters
    1. a. Register with civil registry and local police.
      1. NIK and SKTT
      2. KTP and KK
    2. Letters of domicile
    3. Taxes
    4. Import to Indonesia
    5. Opening a bank account
    6. Getting married in Indonesia.
    7. Prenuptial agreement
    8. Post-nuptial agreement
    9. Inheritance law in Indonesia
    10. Driver’s license
    11. Statements of Good behavior (SKCK)


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2. Globy excels at answering questions related to the core activities of TPH, which include buying and exploring real estate, setting up legal entities, working and living in Indonesia, civil documents and tackle the daily challenges in the life of an expat in Indonesia and assist in addressing most common legal issues for expats. However, due to the complexity and ever-evolving nature of the subject matter, there may be instances where Globy’s responses may not fully meet your expectations or provide the level of guidance you require.

3. In such cases, you have the option to request assistance from a human specialist who can provide further guidance and support. Our human specialists are knowledgeable professionals well-versed in the core activities of TPH and are available to offer more in-depth explanations or address any specific concerns that may arise during the conversation. Or they help you to find a lawyer, notary, accountant of other specific specialist in the area you need.

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