The Temporary Stay Permit or ITAS are primarily intended for people who want to visit family members living in Indonesia, including spouses who have the right to live with their partners for life. The most common group using the ITAS, however, are expatriates working in Indonesia.

The Permit House specialises in dealing with this process for all expatriates, from securing the required government documents allowing them to work, to registering them with the applicable central and local government agencies. An ITAS can be issued for a few days, 3 months, 6 months or a year.

All limited stay visas (C312-313-314-316-317-318 and 319 can be converted to a stay permit)

(Note: The correct name now is ITAS (Izin Tinggal Terbatas or temporary stay permit . Before it was KITAS but already a few years Immigration cancelled the card (Kartu), that was issued when receiving the ITAS. The ‘K’ in Kitas stood for Kartu)

The stay permit is valid for one year and comes with a travel permit (the MERP or MREP), which has shown to be very important these pandemic times.

General requirements and compulsory documents:

  1. Completed application form;
  2. Sponsor/guarantor letter;
  3. Passport and a copy of passport photo / biodata page, visa, and recent arrival stamp;
  4. A valid entry permit date and date to report to the immigration office;
  5. Domicile letter from local authority (if needed)
  6. Point 4 and 5. are exempted for ship captains, crew, or foreign experts working on a vessel, floating installation in Indonesian waters

Specific Requirements as follows:

Investors, experts, and clergy/clerics must provide :

  1. A letter of Recommendation from related Ministry or other government agency;
  2. RPTKA (foreign workers utilization plan) document from the Ministry of Manpower;
  3. Foreigners who are intending to enroll in education and training, or to carry out scientific research must provide a recommendation letter from the related ministry or other government agency (The Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Level Education, or LIPI (Indonesia Science Board;
  4. Former or ex-Indonesian Citizens, must provide any evidence/documents that s/he was an Indonesian citizen
  5. Tourists over the age of 55 years applying for a KITAS must provide a sponsor letter from a licenced travel bureau which has an official letter from The Ministry of Tourism.
  6. Ship Captains, crew or any foreign scientists working on a marine vessel, floating structure or installation operating in Indonesian waters and its jurisdiction according the laws, must provide:
    1. A crew list signed by the ship captain and acknowledged by the immigration officer at an immigration checkpoint;
    2. A letter of recommendation from the Ministry or other non-ministerial governmental agency.

(Note; The requirements for all these stay permits requirements are constanttly changing and during the pandemic it is expected that this situation may continue.If you do plan to apply, do send us an information request and we send you the valid list of requirements at that moment)