Our Services include applying for Indonesian visas or stay permits which are notoriously confusing, long winded and potentially expensive processes and setting up an Indonesian based company is equally as taxing for those Expats who attempt to survive the application process. The Permit House is here to serve all Expats with regard every aspect of their Indonesian legal document requirements.

Our Services – Here are just a few of the Visa and Permit types that we can manage on your behalf.

¿Eres un extranjero que viaja a la impresionante Indonesia? Deberá organizar una visa. The Permit House se asegurará de que obtenga el correcto.

Setting up a company can be difficult, confusing and a time consuming process. The Permit House will guide you through the hassle and dazzle, stress-free


Looking to travel to Europe for pleasure or work? We can help obatining the right visa giving you a peace of mind.