Update from IMMIGRATION department:              Don't get caught!

  • All emergency stay permits’ remain valid after 29 May 2020.
  • Valid until further notice.
  • Current Immigration Covid-19 rules stay the same. 
  • So, only ITAS/KITAP holders can come to Indonesiasubject to health regulation as below.
  • No Tourists and no ‘business’ visitors. As telexes and visas will not be issued.

Update from Local Government:

► The ‘New Normal’ in Indonesia for foreigners / expats 

The local governments prepare to ease social restrictions in the coming weeks, the government also announced on Tuesday its new “United Against COVID” mobile app, which allows users to identify areas of high coronavirus risk. Download a mobile app like https://pedulilindungi.id/ to fight Covid-19 if you want to be an expat who abides to Indonesian law. 

Health regulation for all ‘Workers’ (foreigners and Indonesians), already in Indonesia:

  • Have symptoms such as fever/cough/runny nose/sore throatstay at home.
  • Washing hands frequently.
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Maintain distance > 1 meter when on duty.
  • Wear work-only clothes 
  • Wear masks when leaving and returning home and work.
  • Take a showerchange clothes before contact with family at home.  
  • Clean cellphones, glasses, bags, and other items with disinfectant liquid. 


Update from HEALTH department:

► The Health procedures at the airport and additional health screening.
(for foreigners arriving in Indonesia) as per 20 May 2020.
(Note: All former regulations and rules are revoked) 

  1. Wear a mask and apply Clean and healthy behavior (PHSB) 
  2. Carry a valid Covid-19 test  
  3. Carry a valid health certificate 
  4. Health certificate and Covid-19 test must:
    1. Be issued by health facility of country of origin.
    2. Not be older than 7 days.
    3. Be in the English language.
  5. Subject to an additional health screening, including: 
    1. Interview, so answer all question clear and without remarks .
    2. Examination of temperature.
    3. Signs and symptoms of Covid-19.
    4. Oxygen Saturation Check.
    5. Rapid Test (in case you don’t have a negative Covid-19 test with you). 

► Foreigners with non-reactive Rapid Test results (meaning you are okay!)  

  • Are given a health clearance by health workers in quarantine facilities 
  • Receive a Health Alert Card (HAC) and keep it with them  
  • Can continue the journey to their destination.  
  • Conduct self-quarantine at home for 14 days, physical distancing, wear masks, and Clean and Healthy Behavior (PHBS).  
  • Should realize that a health clearance is submitted to the Embassies / representatives of their countries, to be forwarded to the local regency/city health office for monitoring during the self-quarantine period.  


  Foreigners with reactive Rapid Test results (meaning you are NOT okay!)    

  • RTPCR examination is carried out at the airport or at an quarantine  placefacility  
  • Specimens are sent to laboratories or health for analyzing 
  • If a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR result is found, the trip can be continued 
  • If obtained positive RT-PCR COVID-19 results:  
    • Foreigners who have one or more conditions or have symptoms of fever and/or one of the symptoms of respiratory disease, they must be referred to the Emergency Hospital/Referral Hospital in the local area by applying the infectious disease referral protocol. (You go to a Hospital)
    • Foreigners who do not have one or more conditions or do not have symptoms of fever and/or do not have one of the symptoms of respiratory disease, quarantine is conducted (You go to a quarantine place/facility) 


Update from the Governer of DKI Jakarta:

Traveling into and outside of Jabotabek area. (Jakarta. Bogor, Tangerang, Depok) 

All residents (Indonesians and foreigners) who travel into or outside JABOTABEK area for kerja, duties or for emergency conditions, such as illness or death need to possess a SIKM permit. 

(Note: If you are a Jabodetabek residents you don’t need this permit to travel inside Jabotabek) 


The following business sectors can apply for an SIKM:
Health / F & B / Energy /Communication / IT / Finance Logistics / Hospitality / Construction / Strategic Industry / Basic Services, /Public Utilities / Daily Needs.


How to get SIKM in the DKI Jakarta area: 


  1. Open the corona.jakarta.go.id/izin-keluar-masuk-jakarta site 
  1. Click the “Manage SIKM” button (you will be directed to the JakEvo page) 
  1. Prepare the requirements file 
  1. Fill in the application form 
  1. Periodically check permit applications 
  1. Print document 

Requirements for the SIKM are all clearly mentioned on the webpage.