Indonesia opens borders!

On 15 September 2021 Regulation NUMBER 34 YEAR 2021 about the granting of Visas and stay permits has been published, and with immediate force.

The borders are open again!

The following visas will be issued again:

  1. Service visa;
  2. Diplomatic visa;
  3. Visit visa, among it the B211A Evisa;
  4. Limited residence visa, working visas, dependent visas;
  5. Official Stay Permit;
  6. Diplomatic Residence Permit;
  7. Limited Stay Permit; and
  8. Permanent Residence Permit.

Note: Unfortunately, free exemption visas and visas on arrival are still not possible.

Arrange your B211A Evisa now!
SIMPLE and EASY, everything goes online and no need to go to the Indonesian Embassy. You will receive your visa in your email, making it an EVISA.

On the following websites of Immigration, you can find all information regarding Immigration regulation and health protocols during the Covid-19 pandemic. So, you can prepare and arrange your travel to Indonesia now the borders are open again:

You will need the following documents to apply for a B211A Visit Visa:

  1. A sponsor letter, a sponsor must be an Indonesian company.
  2. The relevant data of the sponsor (company documents and KTP of director/commissioner)
  3. A copy of the passport cover
  4. A copy of the biodata page of the passport (validity ≥ 18 months)
  5. A recent passphoto in colour with a red background.
  6. A ccertificate of good conduct or behavior from the competent authority in the country of origin or a statement letter (1) that the applicant has never been involved in a criminal act signed by the sponsor/guarantor.
  7. Bank Statement with a minimum balance of USD 10,000 or equivalent amount in another currency. To show you can support you stay when in Indonesia.
  8. Proof of complete vaccination, preferably in English.
  9. A statement letter (1) saying that you will do a mandatory 8-day self-isolation or undertake a medical treatment at a designated health facility by Indonesian government on your own expense, when a PCR check upon arrival shows you have Covid-19
  10. A statement letter (2) that you can and will be monitored during the quarantine of self-isolation in accordance with the health protocol and provisions of law and regulations
  11. A health / travel insurance stating cover Covid-19 or a statement letter (4) about possible medical treatment at your own expenses if contracted with Covid-19 during your stay in Indonesia
  12. A health / travel insurance
  13. A personal e-mail and telephone number
  14. An intended address in Indonesia

(Note: these requirements can be changed any moment due to new government rules)

Easy and simply said:
You have all documents needed and you are accurate, patient, handy with online applications and know how to use of mobile phones, laptops, scanners and so forth thus: a piece of cake.

But what if you are not??? Or it is all too much hassle and dazzle. ..

🤨 now the borders open, but it still looks hard to obtain a visa, because: 🤨

  • The sponsor cannot obtain the online-visa account.
  • Uploading documents does not work. Online is always off line
  • The online-visa website is not reachable
  • The quotas are finished day after day.
  • You are always late it seems. first you can apply.

Than it is time to use an agent and possibly our assistance. We arrange the sponsor and take care of all uploading and most of the documents.

with The Permit House as your agent and arranging your sponsor:

IDR. 5.500.000 including E-VISA and sponsership (AND GUIDANCE)

plus IDR. 1.000.000, – if urgency is needed
plus IDR. 1.000.000, – if you cannot present a letter of good conduct and TPH as the sponsor writes statement that the applicant has never been involved in a criminal act