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In viaggio da e per l'Indonesia per stranieri nell'era Covid-19. Nazionale e Internazionale e i requisiti sanitari.

2020-05-30T18:41:12+07:0029 maggio 2020|

Aggiornamento dal dipartimento IMMIGRAZIONE: Tutti i "permessi di soggiorno di emergenza" rimangono validi dopo il 29 maggio 2020. Validi fino a nuovo avviso. Le attuali regole sull'immigrazione Covid-19 rimangono le stesse. Quindi, solo i titolari di ITAS/KITAP possono venire in Indonesia, soggetti alla regolamentazione sanitaria come di seguito. Nessun turista e nessun visitatore "d'affari". In quanto telex e visti non verranno rilasciati. Aggiornamento dal governo locale: ► Il 'New Normal' in Indonesia per stranieri / espatriati Il locale [...]

Companies in Indonesia. PMA and PMDN

2019-07-16T09:36:37+07:00Luglio 16th, 2019|

To PMA or not to PMA?  That is the question! Dreaming about setting up and starting your own business in a tropical country, has been the dream of many. Leaving the daily rut behind to strive for something you truly believe in.  Many of us have regularly daydreamed about it. To only succumb after learning how, [...]

The Permit House aiuta attivamente le società e gli investitori stranieri a compiere i passi giusti in Indonesia

2016-12-16T17:17:36+07:0016 dicembre 2016|

Excerpt - With 250 million people, Indonesia is projected to be the world’s seventh-largest economy by 2030. Already Southeast Asia’s biggest market, the country is offering big opportunities for foreign companies and investors. You can read the full "Permit House related" article written by Nadya Joy Ador on the Indonesia Expat website by clicking HERE.

Le nuove regole sui visti possono richiedere agli stranieri di unirsi alla coda

2016-11-28T17:32:09+07:0028 novembre 2016|

Excerpt - The government has disallowed immigration agencies from utilizing their fast-track privileges in the processing of visa permits, a move that the immigration office claims is part of President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo’s agenda to crack down on illegal levies. You can read the full article writen by Marguerite Afra Sapiie on the The Jakarta Post [...]

Gli espatriati non possono più fare affidamento esclusivamente sugli agenti per ottenere i permessi

2016-11-18T03:38:21+07:0018 novembre 2016|

Excerpt - Indonesia just announced that immigration formality agents are no longer allowed to submit applications for visas and stay permits without having the expat present. On November 14, 2016, Indonesia’s Ministry of Justice via the Director General of Immigration announced that third parties in the nation’s immigration process, such as formality agents, are no longer [...]

10 cose da ricordare sui raid di immigrazione in Indonesia

2016-11-18T03:22:49+07:0018 novembre 2016|

Excerpt - Expats living and working in Indonesia should know that most office raids are carried out because Immigration has been tipped off of a violation committed by an immigrant. The whistleblower could be the next-door neighbour, who knows you’re overstaying your visa, an ex-girlfriend or wife who feels she’s been mistreated or a business partner [...]

L'immigrazione prende di nuovo di mira gli espatriati

2016-07-06T05:15:27+07:009 giugno 2016|

Excerpt - At 3am on the Sunday morning of June 5, the South Jakarta Immigration Office held another raid on the popular entertainment street of Blok M. A total of 19 expats were arrested and taken to the Immigration office at Jl. Mampang/Buncit in South Jakarta. Among them were a few that possessed a copy of [...]

Violazioni sui permessi di soggiorno o sui visti!

2016-07-01T11:05:06+07:0020 aprile 2016|

Excerpt - It just happens, violating the rules of your stay permit (KITAS) or your visa. Sometimes totally absent-mindedly. What happens if you do violate the rules, or more importantly, what do you do if you get caught? There are many types of irregularities with which Immigration offices have to deal with... You can read the [...]

Il fenomeno del KITAP

2016-07-01T10:53:21+07:0011 marzo 2016|

Excerpt - There is much to say and much being said about the KITAP (Kartu Izin Tinggal Tetap), the Permanent Stay Permit for foreigners living in Indonesia. It is relatively unknown, but mostly misunderstood and/or misinterpreted. This article tries to clear the air around this permit which, after all hurdles are taken, is actually your license [...]

La confusione dei visti svelata

2016-07-01T11:00:29+07:002 dicembre 2015|

Excerpt - Having visa nightmares, running the risk to be deported? No need - The visa is the most misunderstood document issued by Immigration. Whether, a business, cultural, social, tourist, free or visa on arrival, it is the same visa with the legally correct name: the visit visa. These different names cause much confusion, leading to [...]

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