Married to an Indonesian spouse and want to become WNI yourself



  • No more hassle and dazzle with Immigration, Manpower, and City Hall about work- and stay permits (ITAS) and local ID’s (SKTT/KTP) 
  • Lots of documents (about 30 🤷🏿‍♂️) needed  
  • Official government dues IDR 15 juta (million) 
  • Can do whole application process on your own (hence: if you are accuratepatient and have lots of time) 
  • Agency advised (may be needed, fees negotiable) 
  • Own your own home, land and more 
  • Set up a local company, only IDR 51 million capital needed 


  1. Gather all documents needed (see our website @ThePermitHouse for a complete overview)
  2. Visit your embassy, your doctor, local and regional village chiefs and City Hall, Immigration and the National Police and make them your best friend!
  3. Practice your handwriting and write six (🤷🏿‍♂️) letters in the Indonesian language 
  4. Submit all letters at the regional Immigration Office (Kanwil) of your district 
  5. Discuss with a trusted person (agent) how to deal with Kanwil and Dirjen AHU 
  6. Schedule interview for Indonesian language and knowing Pancasila 
  7. Pay the official government dues of IDR 15 million 
  8. Wait for the decision 
  9. Return KITAP card to Immigration and passport to the Embassy of citizenship  
  10. KTP/KK of WNA to City Hall to get KTP/KK for new WNI  

Process completed; congrats you are Indonesian  

(Note: If you did not need an agent or assistant at all during the process, apply for a job with a formalities agent, because you are phenomenal 👍) 


Documents needed: 

  1. KITAP card, legalized / ratified 
  2. Passport data page, legalized / ratified 
  3. Passport page with other relevant data (if any), legalized / ratified 
  4. KTP (ID card) of Indonesian spouse, legalized / ratified 
  5. Birth certificate of Indonesian spouse (notarized / legalized / ratified)  
  6. Karta Keluarga (Family card) of Indonesian spouse (notarized / legalized/ ratified)  
  7. Marriage certificate (legalized)  
  8. Current Family card (Kartu Keluarga) of applicant (based on the KITAP), legalized by City Hall
  9. Current KTP of applicant (based on KITAP), legalized by City Hall) 
  10. Birth certificate of children, legalized  
  11. Request letter for Domicile letter from building management (if any) 
  12. Domicile letter from building management (if any)  
  13. Domicile letter from village / regional head 
  14. Domicile letter of City Hall 
  15. Confirmation letter of Embassy of country of current citizenship regarding citizenship / birth certificate (in own language) 
  16. Confirmation letter of Embassy of country of citizenship regarding citizenship / birth certificate (translated in English) 
  17. Letter of Embassy of country of current citizenship regarding renunciation of current citizenship (in own language)  
  18. Letter of Embassy of current citizenship regarding renunciation of current citizenship (translated in English) 
  19. SKIM letter from Immigration Office regarding period of stay in Indonesia  
  20. Request letter for Citizenship to Minister of Justice, signed by applicant 
  21. POA (if an agent or any third person is used) 
  22. Health statement of local respected doctor 
  23. SKCK or Police record of good behavior from National Police of Indonesia 
  24. Handwritten statement regarding wish to become Indonesian citizen 
  25. Handwritten statement regarding abiding the Pancasila of Indonesia 
  26. Handwritten statement regarding ability to speak and write in the Indonesian language 
  27. Handwritten statement regarding working and getting /having an income in Indonesia 
  28. Handwritten statement regarding the reason to become Indonesian 
  29. Handwritten statement regarding authenticity and validity of documents 


(Disclaimer: This completes the general information, based on today’s knowledge and always subject to sudden changes implemented by the respective government agencies. This is only an overview aiming to give a better understanding. It is not meant to be complete and a guaranteed description of the whole process)