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Many expat shareholders and high level managers have interests in company documentation required for activities such as submission for an approval plan to hire foreign manpower (RPTKA). Such processes take time and effort, creating lots of paper work, however; quite necessary for legal reasons. The Permit House can assist in obtaining company documents, such as:

  • Registration of the company (TDP)
  • Certificate of Companies domicile (SKDP)
  • Taxpayer registration or identification number (NPWP)
  • The business license (SIUP) for local companies (PT PMDN)
  • The business license for companies with foreign investors (IUT)
  • The business license for special lines of businesses, including construction, mining, oil and gas, or for International schools (SIUJK, IUP, IUJP)
  • Skilled and/or expert labor registrations (SKT / SKA and SBU)
  • A General Import License (API-U)
  • A Producer Import License (API-P)
  • Register with Manpower and social security institutions (Jamsostek)