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Every foreigner visiting Indonesia must posses the appropriate visa and/or work permit.
With Indonesia’s notoriously long-winded process for obtaining the right visa and permit, many foreigners choose to opt for the assistance of

The Permit House.


Due to the pandemic only the following visas are allowed to enter Indonesia:

  1. Service visa;
  2. Diplomatic visa;
  3. Visit visa, among it the B211A Evisa;
  4. Limited residence visa, working visas, dependent visas;

Note: Unfortunately, free exemption visas and visas on arrival are still not possible.

B211A Visit Visa:

For most expats the visit visa B211A is the only option to visit Indonesia if you are visiting family, or want to make a business trip. You will notice that you need the following documents to apply for a B211A Visit Visa:

  1. A sponsor letter, a sponsor must be an Indonesian company.
  2. The relevant data of the sponsor (company documents and KTP of director/commissioner)
  3. A copy of the passport cover
  4. A copy of the biodata page of the passport (validity ≥ 18 months)
  5. A recent pass photo in color with a red background.
  6. A certificate of good conduct or behavior from the competent authority in the country of origin or a statement letter (1) that the applicant has never been involved in a criminal act signed by the sponsor/guarantor.
  7. A bank statement with a minimum balance of USD 10,000 or equivalent amount in another currency. To show you can support you stay when in Indonesia.
  8. Proof of complete vaccination, preferably in English.
  9. A statement letter (2) saying that you will do a mandatory 8-day self-isolation or undertake a medical treatment at a designated health facility at your own expense, when a PCR shows you have Covid-19
  10. A statement letter (3) that you can and will be monitored during the quarantine of self-isolation in accordance with the health protocol and provisions of law and regulations
  11. A health / travel insurance stating cover Covid-19 or A statement letter (4) about possible medical treatment at your own expenses if contracted with Covid-19 during your stay in Indonesia
  12. A statement letter (5) that you’re willing to comply with the health protocols that apply in Indonesia
  13. A personal e-mail and telephone number
  14. An intended address in Indonesia (Note: these requirements can be changed any moment due to new government rules)

Limited Stay Visa C312 (working visa)

The expats who are still offshore and who want to come to work in Indonesia need this working visa.
However, the Ministry of Manpower still is very reluctant to issue the Notification (actual work permit!) at the moment. It is only possible with extra recommendation letters from specialist Ministries.

When you are already in Indonesia this visa is no problem. When you are here on a B211A visa it is possible to convert the B211A to a C312 though, if you meet the requirements for working in Indonesia.

At the moment possibele for expats who want to work:

  • as professional expert;
  • to join or perform duty on a watercraft or installation operating in Indonesian maritime territory;
  • to perform duty for religious matters;
  • to perform professional duty with payment rights (examples, not limited to: entertainment, lawyer, consultant, merchant, professional athlete);
  • in motion pictures production for commercial purposes;;
  • to supervise production quality control;
  • to perform inspection or audit;
  • to hold art/cultural performance and entertainment spectacle;
  • to hold professional sport event;
  • to undergo work probation

Limited Stay Visa C313 and 314 (Investor visa)
For investors (also being Commissioner or Director of a PT PMA) this visa is possible for a one or two year period. At least a possession of IDR 1 billion of shares is needed. Be advised that the paid-up capital requirements for the company must be met. Now IDR. 10 billion.

Limited Stay Visa C315 (dependent visa)
For expats who want to attend training sessions or to conduct research this visa type has been installed. Momentarily though not yet issued.

Limited Stay Visa C316 (student visa)
If you want to come to study in Indonesia and join and educational institution you can apply for this visa.

Limited Stay Visa C317 (dependent visa)
If you are married to an Indonesian spouse, to an Expat worker or are a child of such an expat (up to 17 years), you can apply for this dependent visa. At the moment possible for expats being onshore and offshore.

Limited Stay Visa C318 (repatriation visa)
If you are a former Indonesian you can repatriate and obtain this visa, which can be converted to a ITAS and KITAP

Limited Stay Visa C319 (retirement visa)
If you are 55 plus and can support yourself this elderly visa is a serious possibility.