The Permit House started operations providing Permanent Stay Permits (Kitap) but has quickly expanded to handle all visas, permits and other documentation required by expatriates to live and work in Indonesia.

Our Company’s dedicated team focuses on guiding and facilitating the procurement of documentation needed for the range of expatriate requirements, from work visas to launching a new business.

The Permit House founders are expatriates themselves and, having endured the process first hand, are adept at ensuring that dealing with the Indonesian bureaucracy is as painless as possible.

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As Expats Ourselves, We Know How Difficult Applying for Visas Can Be

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Vision & Mission of The Permit House

The Permit House is committed to helping expatriates work and reside in Indonesia by arranging legal Permanent Stay Permits (Kitap) and Temporary Stay Permits (Kitas) affordably, conveniently and quickly.

Though The Permit House specialises in the provision of Kitap and Kitas, the Company excels in the provision of business licenses and registrations, whether the company is a CV (Kommanditaire Vennootschap), a PT. PMA (Foreign Capital Investment) or a PT. PMDN (Local Company).

The Company’s vision is clear – to navigate the Indonesian bureaucracy on behalf of our clients to present a simple and transparent application process.

Vision and Mission

Our Five Main Departments Get the Job Done – Fast!

And We Offer FREE Initial Advice for New Clients

Organisation Overview

Organisation Overview

The Permit House is structured around five main departments that handle specific activities but work together to get the job done, specifically furnishing the Company’s clients with the visas, licenses or permits that they require. The departments are:

  • Intake and Assessment
  • Recommendations and Work Permits
  • Stay and Travel Permits
  • Civil Registrations
  • Miscellaneous Permits and Company Formation

Any initial advice for new or existing clients is free, with action plans tailored entirely to any client’s requirements. If preferred, a client will be assigned an individual contact within the Company as a single reference point to ensure the process is a smooth one. The Company prides itself not only on its superior organisation, but also its flexibility.

Always A Clear & Transparent Process

The Permit House will explain in a clear and transparent way how any permit, license, certificate or registration is obtained. The Company is clear about which documents are required, be they permits, licenses, registrations or other government documents, where they can be obtained and at what costs. The Company is transparent in explaining how it achieves its goals of securing the required documents and at what costs. Clients are welcome to visit The Permit House’s headquarters in South Jakarta to see how it gets the job done!