Work Permits are a must for every expatriate coming to work in Indonesia and an annual headache for those already employed in the country. The Permit House assists with this process, obtaining all the required documents. The complicated procedure is intertwined with the process for Temporary-Stay Permits (Kitas) and consists of several steps. It begins with the company documents (see below) that are, like the little extra tax (DPKK), directly connected or indispensable for an expatriate work permit:

  • Local Manpower Ministry registration of expatriates (Wajib Lapor Ketenagakerjaan)
  • Foreign Employment Usage Plan (RPTKA), new and extensions
  • Approval to bring in an expatriate worker (TA-01)
  • Limited-Stay Visa (Vitas), for first entry into Indonesia
  • Payments for skilled jobs training fund (DPKK)
  • The actual work permit (IMTA), new, extensions, changes
  • Extensions of the Work Permit (IMTA II, III, IV, V. VI)
  • Approval of change of sponsor or position (TA-03)